"Catwalk" GlassTile

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Dramatic glass mosaics feature elongated strips in random widths and lengths with wide tonal ranges that produce an inviting sense of movement and surface excitement. Make quite a splash on residential and commercial vertical spaces, lighting up backsplashes, pools, vanities, entire wallscapes. ?? Gradient colors from lights to darks reflect a personal sense of style in these impervious, mesh-mounted beauties that are easy to clean as well as easy on the eye. 

Brick Joint Random Widths Mosaic on 12″ x 12″ Non-Mesh Sheet 

Catwalk Color Palette

Catwalk Blue Ballet

Blue Ballet

Catwalk Walnut Wedge

Walnut Wedge

Catwalk Toffee Tennies

Toffee Tennies

Catwalk Steel Toe

Steel Toe

Catwalk Smokey Stiletto

Smokey Stiletto

Catwalk Sable Slipper

Sable Slipper

Catwalk Pecan Pump

Pecan Pump

Catwalk Olive Oxfords

Olive Oxfords

Catwalk Jade Jellies

Jaded Jellies

Catwalk Chocolate Clog

Chocolate Clog