“State Cracks Down on Unlicensed Contractors”

Western Carpet: California State Licensed Contractor

Is your contractor legitimate?

NBC4 recently covered the state of California’s crackdown on unlicensed contractors by the CSLB (Contractor’s State License Board.) It’s quite disturbing how many people fall victim to these unsavory individuals as well as the number of individuals willing to engage in such unscrupulous actions using various tactics to gain your trust and then walk away with tens of thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars. The question is, “how do they get away with it?”  Check out the NBC’s broadcast on the CSLB’s crackdown aired October 19, 2015 to learn a few of their tactics which includes posing as a legitimate contractor by “borrowing” a legitimate contractors license number. So even if you check with the CSLB regarding the license number presented, you can still be deceived.

How can you safeguard yourself?

  • Do check the license number with the CSLB for any claims or defaults regarding the potential contractor. Take notice of how long the contractor has been in business and if the insurance coverage is current.
  • Get referrals from trusted family, friends, and neighbors. Not all referrals are great referrals as people have different standards. Make sure your references are from people with “equal to” or “greater than” standards as you hold.
  • Observe contractors at work in your neighborhood. Do they finish their projects in a timely manner? How did the finished product turn out? Talk to the client to find out about their satisfaction with the overall experience as well as the finished product.
  • Does the contractor have an office or showroom where you can visit? An established place of business, that has hopefully been around for years, is an indicator that the contractor is legitimate. Many contractors operate out of their homes, which does not immediately disqualify them, but you should have a way of substantiating a specific location the contractor identifies as his/her place of business. If the contractor cannot provide you a contact address or if you cannot substantiate the address as belonging to the contractor, then you may want to reconsider.
  • If you’re new to an area or even if you’ve lived in the area for decades, enter the name and license number of the potential contractor in a search engine, especially if you are without a referral and unfamiliar with the contractor in question. You may find an image of the contractor associated with the license number to help with identification. It wouldn’t hurt to ask for identification upon your first meeting.
  • Arm yourself with knowledge about materials, terminology, and procedure. Have a basic understanding of what is required and then ask questions. Are your questions answered satisfactorily or are your questions deflected?

These are a few suggestions which we hope to prove helpful!

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry when you  hire Western Carpet for your flooring installation, water damage, and reconstruction services. We are a state licensed contractor holding a C-15 Flooring & Floor Covering License as well as  a B- General Building Contractor. Our reputation is stellar and your satisfaction is or primary concern!

Check our License at the CSLB.

Enter License #791191.