“Times Square” Series Porcelain Tile | Style: Contemporary & Clean Classic | by Emser

Times Square

Times Square™ is an elegant unglazed through-body polished porcelain series. It can be used to create numerous unique looks, and is well suited for installations of contemporary style. 

 Times Square Tile Sizes:

24″ x 24″ | 12″ x 24″ | 12″ x 12″ | 4″ x 8″ | 3″ x 6″

Decorative Accents:

2″ x 2″ Black & White Tiles Checkered Mosaic on 12″ Mesh Sheet
2″ x 2″ Gray, White, & Beige Tiles Blended Mosaic on 12″ Mesh Sheet

 Times Square Color Palette:

Times Square in Beige Polished

Beige Polished

Times Square in Gray Polished

Gray Polished

Times Square in White Polished

White Polished

Times Square in Black Polished

Black Polished

Times Square in Checkered Mosaic

Black & White
Checkered Mosaic

Times Square in Blended Mosaic Grey - White - Beige Blend

Gray, White, & Beige
Blended Mosaic