Wire Brushed & Reclaimed Hardwood

Wire Brushed and Reclaimed Hardwood Examples

Defining Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring:

Wire-brushed wood floors, sometimes called wire-scraped wood floors, are just as the name implies: they are hardwood floors with planks that have been brushed with hard wire brushes. These hard wire brushes scrape off the floor plank’s soft wood from the surface, leaving only the hardest wood and exposing more of the wood’s natural grain. Wire-brushed wood floors can look very dramatic offering rich texture including knots and grain character without the waves or ridges of a hand scraped style. Wire-brushed floors are less likely to show chips, scratches and scrapes. Since you can see more of the wood’s natural patterns in wire-brushed floors, sometimes scratches from your pets’ claws or your furniture’s’ legs will just blend right into the floor. This up and coming style will wow you. 

Defining Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring:

Reclaimed wood is wood removed and preserved from old buildings that are being deconstructed. Typically, wood beams and flooring planks are preserved for future use particularly in construction, flooring, and furniture manufacturing. Reclaiming wood is a fantastic way to recycle and preserve our forests as new lumber is not required. Reclaimed hardwood flooring offers a great deal of rustic character and cottage charm by means of patina and wear patterns.

Western Carpet offers wire brushed and reclaimed choices in hardwood, laminate, wood replica tile, and vinyl flooring.

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